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Translate your documents and files into any language.


What is professional document translation?

Professional translation is the process of converting a written message from its original language to one or more target languages without diluting or distorting its original meaning and intention.


Professionalism in translation is distinguished by the degree of accuracy and consistency between the original and translated versions of the text.

Are all translations made equal?

The short answer is no, definitely notA translator’s training, education, industry experience and native understanding of their written language combinations will influence the outcome of your translated text.


Using machine translation engines in the translation process can help reduce costs on large, technical documents as long as expert human translators proceed to review and edit the final versions of the text. When your company's reputation or patients' lives are on the line, human translators must be involved in the process.

Does document translation quality matter?

From preventing medical misdiagnoses and workplace injuries to saving your reputation in a foreign market, translation quality can make all the difference.


When the message is important to you and your audience, it must be consistent and accurate in any other language.

What's a good translation quality control process?

When it comes to translation services, what you pay is what you get. Some companies cut corners by using inexperienced translators to reduce costs. Others might not review or edit projects to save a little money.


Implementing a good quality control process is just as important as using experienced professional translators. To ensure accuracy and consistency in translation, a quality control process should include at least three phases: translation, full review, and final editing, all done by expert linguists.

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