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Onsite interpreters in any language.


What is onsite interpreting?

Whether in court or business negotiations, at a professional conference or a medical appointment, fast, accurate and complete communication is imperative.


Onsite interpreting services range from face-to-face interpreting for smaller meetings, to larger conference interpreting projects. The common factor is that interpreters are present and onsite at the event.


In large conference settings, a team of onsite interpreters can simultaneously deliver a speaker’s message to a linguistically diverse audience. In meetings and smaller conference settings, onsite interpreters can consecutively interpret a two-way conversation between members.

Simultaneous versus consecutive interpreting styles:

As the name suggests, simultaneous interpreting refers to the process of interpreting a speaker’s message as it’s being delivered. In other words, the interpreter listens, translates, and relays the message simultaneously. This method can be exhausting for the interpreter, requiring a team of two or more interpreters to be onsite for sessions lasting longer than 20 minutes.


Consecutive interpreting refers to the process of interpreting a speaker’s message in shorter sections. In this situation, the interpreter listens and waits for the speaker to pause before relaying the translated message. It’s important for the speaker to pause frequently so the interpreter can accurately remember and relay the message.

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