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Connect with video interpreters in any major language.


What is video remote interpreting?

Video remote interpreting is an audio/visual remote interpreting solution that connects two or more users with an interpreter through video conferencing technology.


With VRI, you can see and hear your interpreter through a tablet, monitor, or projector, which is ideal when communicating with the hard-of-hearing.

Why choose video remote interpreting over phone interpreting?

While the cost for video remote interpreting is generally higher than phone interpreting services, the benefit of seeing your interpreter is evident when communicating with individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.


Video remote interpreting can also be helpful in sensitive situations when visual signals might play an important role in the conversation.


Here are some situations where video remote interpreting can be an ideal interpreting solution:


  • Impromptu encounters with individuals requiring sign language interpreting services.

  • Highly sensitive conversations with in a health care or medical setting.

  • High-stakes virtual meetings with clients, partners, or global teams, especially when visual signals are important.

Sound like a good fit? Want to learn more?

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