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Virtual visits with interpreter, provider, and patient 

in all languages.


Why Telemedicine?

Access to healthcare specialists and high-quality care should be fast, easy, and efficient.


That is why Auracom has partnered with the creators of the leading Telemedicine system. At the core of the system is HIPAA compliant patented technology that allows customers to build on-demand virtual care solutions within minutes.

The on-demand virtual care network connects patients, experts, and providers— no more wasted time.


The system empowers users to design, deploy, and manage clinical workflows efficiently and easily. Leverage your own specialists as well as our growing ecosystem, and seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Here are some of the many unique workflows that have been implemented. 

  • Triage

  • Behavioural Health

  • Pharma

  • Home Care

  • General Practice

  • Language Services

We’re extremely user-friendly and easy to employ, which allows you to be up and running immediately. It’s really that simple.

Sound like a good fit? Want to learn more?

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