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Communicate over the phone in all languages.


What is phone interpreting?

Phone interpreting, also known as over-the-phone interpreting or telephone interpreting, is one of the most efficient and convenient oral interpreting solutions for frequent, impromptu encounters with individuals who don't speak your language.


With on-demand phone interpreting services, you can communicate with individuals in any language in a matter of seconds. Whether you're face-to-face or on a call with the non-English speaking individual, over-the-phone interpreters can be dialed-in to help you communicate fluidly across any language barrier.

Is phone interpreting the right solution for you?

If you frequently receive calls from individuals with limited-English proficiency (LEP) or often encounter them face-to-face, on-demand phone interpreting can facilitate a smooth conversation across any language barrier. Professional phone interpreters are crucial when conversations are confidential and the message must be accurately relayed to the listeners.


Phone interpreting often serves as an ideal interpreting solution in the following situations:


  • Encounters with LEP patients and clients in a health care or medical setting.

  • Encounters with LEP clients in a hospitality setting.

  • Virtual meetings, announcements, or training sessions between teams or employees around the globe.

  • Virtual meetings or negotiations with clients or partners around the globe.

How does Auracom's phone interpreting solution work?

It's pretty simple actually. Just follow these three steps when you encounter an individual who doesn't speak English:


  1. Call our 800 number on any phone and connect with a live operator in seconds.

  2. Tell the operator what type of interpreter you need (languages, industry, expertise, etc). If you're not sure, the operator will help you.

  3. Within seconds, you'll be connected to an expert interpreter. They'll facilitate the conversation accurately and professionally.

Sound like a good fit? Want to learn more?

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