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This is a step-by-step video tutorial on AuraConnect, Auracom's project management portal. Learn how to enter and modify project requests, track project progress, and download your completed projects.

Five Ways to Translate Your Website

Website translation has come a long way from the good old "copy & paste" method. Learn about each of the five methods and decide which is best for you.

Language Access Plan (LAP) Checklist

Health care entities receiving funding from HHS must comply with Section 1557's language assistance requirements. Our simplified checklist will help you assess your language assistance needs and procedures to ensure compliance with federal requirements.

Language Barriers in Healthcare

While communications between patients and their healthcare providers can be complicated, simple procedures can be integrated into the healthcare system to significantly reduce communication barriers.

Guide to Successful Conference Interpreting

Knowledge is half the battle. Know what to expect for your next multilingual conference.

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