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Auracom is a proud Platinum Sponsor of the 8th Annual Care Coordination Summit

Decisiont Health Care Coordination Summit

As a premier provider of Multilingual Communication Services to the Health Care Industry, Auracom is always focused on patient-centered care, whether that be through our Onsite or Remote Interpreting capabilities, Translation or other related services.

During the conference you will learn new models of care and innovative processes transforming the healthcare system, leading to improved outcomes and appropriate use of healthcare resources.

Auracom will be there to show you how we deliver innovative Multilingual Solutions to underlying challenges impacting the current healthcare system and to learn about your organization's needs. Drop by our booth. We would love to see you.

If you would like to set up a meeting at the event or otherwise, simply call or email us.

To learn more about the conference visit Care Coordination Summit.


Auracom offers professional translation, localization, and interpreting services in over 200 languages. View our services or contact us for more information.

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