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Oh! Oh! Oh! it's magic...

Magic and Translation

What is the origin of the word abracadabra? When translating, we often have to dig deep into the origin of words and expressions in order to deliver the correct meaning.

As such, I recently came across the word “abracadabra” and was thrilled to learn that it is derived from the Greek expression “Αύρα κατ' αύρα" meaning “from aura to aura”! To boot, further research revealed that it may also derive from the Aramaic expression "I create as I speak."!!!

Is this a coincidence? Was this taken into account when choosing the name Auracom?

I have decided to let the mystery linger on. I won’t ask Auracom's founders, Josée and Gordon, if this was a deliberate choice. I would rather continue believing that it takes a little magic to break down barriers and allow people to understand each other.


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